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Gorgon Platter

Gorgon Platter

110,00 €Price

The Gorgon platter's bold black and multicolor patterns form a nice contrast against the white clay base. It makes the ideal backdrop for a beautiful bunch of grapes or as a decorative accent.

The Moral of the Story collection explores how Greek myths are remarkably relevant to modern life. The often unpleasant lessons that they teach us and the comeuppance that their protagonists receive still gives us something to ponder. 

The Gorgon series is inpired by the Gorgons who, in mythology, were 3 beautiful sisters. Behind their beauty they exercised dark powers over people that gazed at them. Look deep into the patterns of these pieces. What do you see? 


  • Size

    Height: 8 cm

    Diameter: 37 cm

    Weight: 1.8 kg


    *All pieces are lovingly handmade and therefore measurements vary

  • Materials

    White clay, glaze.

  • Details & Care

    Hand wash. Crazing can occur.

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