Dimosio Wine Cooler

Dimosio Wine Cooler

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Before we talk about the wine, let's go back a bit. The Here we go again... collection is inspired by the unique challenges and quirks that moving to Greece and building a Cretan life is full of. Discovering the twists and turns, charming or otherwise, of how life really works living on a Greek island is a constant adventure. This collection brings together different representations of the hurdles and fun of Cretan life. When trying to get stuff done, all roads lead to a government office here. Learning to navigate the dimosio, or public sector, is a crucial skill.  This wine cooler will help you find the way (if it doesn't, we have the wine).

  • Size

    Height: 22 cm

    Diameter: 24 cm

    Weight: 1.6 kg


    *All pieces are lovingly handmade and therefore measurements vary


  • Materials

    White clay, glaze.

  • Details & Care

    Hand wash. Crazing can occur.